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August 27 2010
It's been a while since I used this page, thats for 2 reasons really one, I keep forgetting about it and two, I have been so busy this year with the back stage change around on the comedy scene it's taken a while to steady the ship and set a new course, but all's well now Captain!!
Check out the gig's list page for an up to date list of where to see me, note a new addition to Comedy Land HIGHLIGHT which are the old Jongleurs venues under a different name and jongleurs are now new venues under an old name get it? got it? Good! So check the links with the gig dates for all the details required for you and me to have a laugh together again.Thankyou to everyone who have been leaving some lovely messages in my guest book, I'm both flattered and happy our encounter has been so joyus! This weekend I'm performing at Birmingham hightlight which used to be Jongleurs on broad street, hope to see you there, till then always continue to B Fun B Cool and most of all B Love, Mark


Well I'm into week two at the Edinburgh Fringe fest where I can't buy one fringe, but I have been able to pick up my first 5 star review
from my first review in three weeks, you can read the full review at I've been up to all kinds of promo activities and I am enjoying the whole thing tremendously. I went to see some of my old mates Glenn Wool and Andrew Maxwell, but those are the only shows I have been able to see, even though we are walking in a comedy wonderland! Well maybe next week. Any way the show is going really well and everybodies having a lot of fun, fingers crossed it keeps going till the end. If you come to the show I hope you really enjoy yourself. See ya there. Mark

Hey guys, here's my yearly report! A change of computing system from windows to Mac could be used for an excuse I suppose but hey I've been busy OK! LOL! That means laugh out loud, not LOTS OF LOVE or LOVE OR LEAVE or LEG OVER LIMPET as I thought. Any way so what’s been happening? well I've been lucky enough to visit Afghanistan twice last year and Iraq once to entertain the troops, but that’s not the end of my travel stories also got over with Andy Parsons and Russell Cane to do a little tour in Hong Kong and Thai Land which was most enjoyable so bit of a globe trotter, (nothing to do with basket ball).
But what I want to draw your attention to is the altitude festival happening this March, (check out the links page for the altitude web site), this is turning in to a must not miss experience if you love comedy, partying and snow as much as me or anyone who is not dead from the neck up, check out the site its really cool, see what I did there? eh! Anyway I will be there for the whole festival, so for the best of everything book your tickets now! It will be totally gnarly and you will be thoroughly stoked dude, I'm off to Xcape to hone my snowboard skills, Later. Mark

March 2006
Thank God! The winter seems to be showing signs of shifting out of the way to let the summer back in, although I do enjoy the winter for snowboarding and the like, I love the sun on my back. So what have I been up to lately? Well I have probably clocked up more air miles than Richard Branson over the last three months! I have been doing a lot of gigs for the forces, The Navy in Ushuaia Argentina, Army in Kosovo, Navy again in Oman and finally the Royal Air force as well as a mix of Army and Navy in the Falklands. A big hi to all the guys I have mentioned it was a pleasure to come out to entertain you thanks for making the shows so memorable. They really look after you those boys, I was in the Falklands with Barry (Gazza) Castagnola, Kevin (man with the beard) Mc Carthy, Terry (think I’m going mental) Alderton and the Raymond and Mr Timkins Revue (mummies pee pee). A great time was had by all!

So I’m back in the country for a few days, good to sleep in my own bed again, I’m off to gig Camden Jongleurs tonight which will be mad as I haven’t gigged in a ‘proper’ venue for ages, its been tents and corners of rooms made up for a one off comedy night, but that’s what I love about this job the portability of it, and so why not go to places that would never normally have it? We had an impromptu gig at Fox bay in the Falklands, when out helicopter had to get diverted due to bad weather. 12 guys in a little room in the middle of nowhere watching an acoustic comedy show, fantastic! Just like to say a big thanks to CSE for taking me out there, cheers guys. Well I might see you down Camden tonight, I’m looking forward to it! Mark.

Hey guys! Well what a year it’s been can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas! I'm Just Looking at my gig list for the last year, it's mad, for as well as my usual UK gigs.I’ve done gigs in Afghanistan, Malta, Singapore, Meribel and surrounding valleys, up the Fjords and of course the bikers convention last week in Butlins Skegness! I can go to my grave a happy man I've done Butlins! I've had the pleasure of having such a laugh with you all, and met some amazing people along the way, what a blast. Now the festive period is just around the corner, so check out the gigs page and get yourself down to one of the Christmas shows and let us chuckle once more! Thanks all of you for leaving your lovely comments in my guest book this year, if you are at a gig in the future come up and make yourself known it would be great to meet you in the flesh. As far as future projects go we have a lot of stuff in the pipeline, but far too early to mention. Needless to say it will be posted here when it does. So signing off on the most positive note I can muster I say you have an outstanding day for a momentous tomorrow! Mark

First of all I like to say a Happy New year to one and all! I can’t believe its 2005! Wow that’s a space age date! I hope that this year keeps you safe and brings you lots of happiness my friend. Hopefully it’s a year where the world moves towards peace instead of war, it really puts existence into prospective when something as disturbingly awful as the Tsunami occurred, and here we are fighting over oil, grow up lads. If we are to survive on this planet we need to help one another. This leads me nicely into an event that is occurring on the 20th of February at The Hexagon Theatre in Reading. It’s called ‘The Big Big Comedy Bash’, and is raising money for the Children in Touch Charity which deals primarily with Autism. My old mucker Steve Rawlings is the organiser, and I’m proud to say that this is my second time compeering the show. The Bill is awesome so far we have Al Murray pub landlord, Jim Tavare, Tim Vine, Paul Zerdin, Adam Bloom, Sean lock and Terry Alderton. Tickets are available at the Box Office on 0118 960 60 60. So call today as there is no doubting it will be a sell out. Thanks for visiting the site throughout 2004, all the best, Mark


Here we are and where are ya? I’m sitting in my office trying to catch up with my life basically! It’s not only hurricane season in the Caribbean alone it seems. Let me start by saying that The Leeds and Reading festivals were fantastic experiences, for different reasons really, Leeds Festival I really enjoyed, 2 thousand people and me talking about rubbish having a laugh, is there a more pleasant way to spend a summer’s afternoon? I don’t think so. Reading was a whole different ball game, I have found that your opening gambit has to be quiet important at these festivals, and since Reading was my first one, (as a comedian), I found out the hard way, still at least I fared better than 50 cent! As you know I wasn’t at Edinburgh, which was a good thing, (leave it!), as I am starting to get those rejuvenated urges to go back there next year, probably with a stand-up show at night and a play in the day. There are a couple of ideas on the table but nothing solid as yet, still it’s early days.

Don’t forget that the superbike school programme starts on men and motors on October 5th, and is repeated every day! with a new episode every Tuesday, so keep an eye out!
Take care guys, Mark. X

Well here we are in August already! Feels like this summer has just arrived all of a sudden. As you probably know I’m NOT in Edinburgh this year; however I do plan to be there next year. Although I will be up in Edinburgh on the last week to do a set at the Pleasents Dome, and have a general nose around before shooting of to do the Leeds and reading festivals on the Thursday and Friday day time as well as the Glee in Birmingham at night. (Check gig list page). Here’s hoping you have a hot and pleasant sunshine filled summer, see ya soon guys for the next update. Mark.

Here I am safe and sound after my Superbiking Experience. Firstly I just got to thank Jamie Whitham, a top bloke, what he doesn’t know about a bike ain't worth knowing! Also to all the people at Darley Moore Race track in beautiful Derbyshire, where we filmed the show, especially Joyce with her never ending perfect cups of tea, a massive thanks. And to ‘Maserati’ Mark Sloper the producer, I’m faster than you!!

The show which is called Superbike School, with James Whitham, (hours of debate over the title!), will be screened on the men and motors channel through October, November and December.

Also I’ve Just got back yesterday from a trip to Kosovo! I was doing some comedy over there for the Army, Just like to say to the lads, and CSE who organised the trip, I had a well wicked time, and I hope the guys enjoyed it as much as me.

As well as the usual comedy club gigs (check gigs page!), at the moment I am filming a show for the men and motors channel where, along with three other guys, I will be learning from 5 times British Superbike Champion James Witham how to ride a Triumph 600 superbike to the max in ten days! AHH! I only passed my bike test a year ago! But in the words of the great Del boy Trotter, “He who Rodney, he who!”

I will let you know transmission dates and times etc, if I live to tell the tale! I am so looking forward to doing this show as I love bikes.

The bike bug bit me when I went to see a British Superbike meeting at Rockingham last year thanks to Mike Roland a member of my former management team who also looks after some of the superbike guys, cheers for that mike! And to think I only took my test to get round my gigs in London faster!

May 2004
Hi guys, as you may or may not know I have been presenting Britain 's Wildest on sky one. So far it's going great but no word of a second series (as yet) but needless to say if there is then you will read it here first!

I just have to say a big thank you to everybody involved with making the show it was tremendous fun and you all did a great job, to the researchers who scoured the country for wildness and came up with ideas for the show, your daily endeavours never ceased to amaze me. To all the floor crew who recorded the wildness while at the same time making me feel very welcome, to all the crazy wild contributors, don't go changing, I love you just the way you are! and to the top brass at September Films and Sky TV, especially my Producer Andy Davies, who made it all possible, thank you all so very much indeed.

24th August 2003
Hi guys, here's a review from Edinburgh (4 stars)

Perhaps drunk perhaps drug induced but certainly very funny, Mark Walker dances upon the stage and immediately drags you into his own deranged view of the world. The little known rock star moves through his performance to a fast and furious beat, bobbing up and down to a rhythm that is soon all that can be heard.

Proclaiming 80 percent of the following hour to be recollections from his undoubtedly crazy existence, a mixture of European tours in the band he fronted, working the comedy circuit through London, pizza delivery to pebble-dashing houses – it would be almost too much to believe.

The remaining 20 percent then appear to have been let loose from some dark recess from with in his mind. Whatever the truth of it, he is a talented man. Impersonating Estonian lap dancers, male urinals through to Serena Williams beastly side (opposed to her elegant?) he takes the audience from ‘cringement’ to choking laughter with acting skills that have seen the likes of the West End.

While his music and theatre based performances have left him without much credit, his comedy does.

16th July 2003
Morning all! I'm pleased to announce that from the 1st of August till the 25th (inclusive) except the 12th, I will be putting on my one man show, imaginatively entitled, Mark Walker - One man and his gob, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year! Hurrah!

The Omni Leisure Development
Greenside Place, Leith Street, Edinburgh
OPENING 24, 25 & 26 JULY 2003

You can book tickets in advance at So come on down for some of walkers' wacky warblings! and if you can't make it tell your mates to go if they are up there! All the previews have gone so well, I've started to think I might even be funny!

26th May 2003
Launch of my new website, have alook around you guys, don't forget my guestbook.